Rushing onto the Broadway stage

On a college campus, the word “rush” is typically associated with Greek Life traditions. In the theater district, however, “rush” takes on a very different definition. It is the shortened term for “student rush tickets,” something that has been enabling students to see Broadway shows for more than a decade.

Student rush tickets are discounted Broadway tickets that are made exclusively available for students. As long as they have a valid identification to prove they are students, young theatergoers can purchase inexpensive tickets for many plays and musicals – tickets that are typically priced between $25 and $30. The location of the tickets within the theater depends on the show, but no matter where the tickets are in the theater, the basic fact does not change: for the price of a movie ticket, a bucket of popcorn and a drink, students can see a live Broadway show instead.

Though organizations such as TKTS and the STJ Campus Concierge also sell discounted tickets, the shows that they offer are limited. Additionally, the availability of their discounted tickets is dependent on several constantly fluctuating factors. Student rush tickets, on the other hand, are always available; they do not depend on a lack of regular ticket sales or on any offering of a special deal. Being a constant option makes them more readily accessible for students.

Not only are the tickets reasonably priced, but the process to go about obtaining them is relatively simple. Before planning anything, it is important to look up the information concerning student rush tickets. is one Web site that offers an extensive list of participating shows as well as their individual “rush” policies.

Once you take note of the policies for the show of your choice, you simply make sure you have your ID at hand and head to the theater the day you wish to see the show. Student rush tickets cannot be purchased in advance – they must be purchased the day of your desired performance. Tickets usually go on sale either at box office opening or two hours before performance time and it’s recommended that you get there at least an hour before sales begin.

Depending on the popularity of the show – and how determined you are to get tickets – you may have to get there as early as two or three hours before the tickets go on sale. Then you simply wait on line until ticket sales begin. After purchasing up to two tickets, you are free to spend the time between then and the performance time as you please.

The idea of having to wait in line may seem like a nuisance at first. But with spring bringing nicer weather to the city, the waiting is not bad at all, especially when it’s with a group of friends. The waiting can be as enjoyable as the show itself when done with the right people, making “student rushing” a memorable experience all around.
Student rush tickets are definitely an option that students should consider more often. “Rushing” a show is an affordable alternative for high-quality entertainment, as well as a perfect way to create some great memories.