President Obama’s health care plan is a positive change

There are an estimated 45 million uninsured people living in America. The number of layoffs are increasing and more businesses are hesitant to give their employees health benefits. If employees happen to receive benefits, they are subjected to high co-pays and deductibles. With everything in the health care world in turmoil, it’s hard to ignore President Obama’s campaign for universal health care which advocates believe will bring a sufficient end to the crisis.

There are people who seek to stop this reform and keep things the way they are now, even with the looming recession sinking the country. Debates have been ignited throughout the country arguing whether or not Obama’s universal health care plan is a good idea.

Moreover, citizens argue amongst themselves as to whether or not providing health care for all Americans will cost the country more money and whether or not the plan is even worth it. Opponents of universal health care claim it would increase lines and that having universal health care is not a natural right.

Obama seeks quality health care at an affordable cost for people who are currently denied coverage everyday. Under the President’s plan, people would shop for their ideal health care plan, compare benefits and prices, and choose a plan that suits them best. They will not be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and those who already have health insurance can keep their current coverage. This will essentially rid the country of uninsured Americans.

Of course, such an overhaul will cost the country money. The estimations for the cost of this reform range from $50 billion to somewhere in the trillions, depending on which approach Congress and the President decide to take. One strategy Obama has adamantly supported is to discontinue Bush’s tax cuts for those who make more than $250,000 a year.

This means those who had a tax break under Bush’s rule will have to pay the same tax percentage as everyone else. Nonetheless, more money would be needed to fund such a dramatic cost. This is where Americans clash on opinions: many feel that health care reform is not worth the money.

However, whether rich or poor, everyone deserves a chance at the healthiest life possible. These economic times have hurt Americans as a whole, and as a whole Americans needs to fight to get back on their feet. Health care has taken a serious blow in recent years and President Obama is working to stabilize a failing situation.

Many countries, like England, Germany, Canada, and Finland, provide their citizens with universal health care. Like everything else, it has it positives and its negatives. However, ignoring the problem cannot be the answer, even if the solution may create a bigger hole in our pockets.

President Obama has a plan aimed at ridding the country of uninsured citizens, outrageous co-pays and deductibles. If implemented, this plan can relieve American families who are plagued with daunting thoughts of never being able to afford medical care and living without medical aid.

Regardless, many people still feel life is not worth a few extra dollars and seem to believe if they can acquire health care, so can everyone else. However, history has taught us what works for one may not work for another. Fixing the problem will cost everyone money but refusing to pay will essentially be putting a price tag on a life.