Italian Eating on a Budget

Most anyone who knows anything about New York City has heard about the Big Apple’s famous pizza. On almost every street corner in every borough of the city, there’s a place to get a quick slice. Of course, there are always some that are better than others, but sometimes location is the deciding factor when it comes to picking out a place to grab a piece of the pie.

If you’re looking for something to eat and you are tired of campus food, try a pizzeria just down the street from campus. Sabatino’s Pizzeria Restaurant is straight down Union Turnpike, just past the gates of St. John’s University. Sabatino’s is a mildly inexpensive Italian place right that is very easily accessed and offers a variety of food, including, of course, pizza.

Sabatino’s is about a quick ten to fifteen minute walk from St. John’s so it is not necessary to waste money on gas or take a bus to eat there. Most of the food is reasonably priced, with most things under twenty dollars. As an added bonus, all St. John’s students get a 10 percent discount on their meals.

Sabatino’s has two options for seating, allowing the guests to choose what kind of atmosphere is better for the meal. The seating in the front offers a setting that is casual and relaxed, where diners can maybe watch the TV, and hang out with friends.

For more formal celebrations or a night out, there are still options to amp up the level of sophistication. There is an area in the back of the restaurant that looks a little more upscale and gives the feel of being in a nice restaurant while still offering a menu that is affordable.

The food is the same; but the back seating offers standard service rather than the counter service at the front. Or if you don’t want to eat there, you’re welcome to make the order to-go and you can eat it on campus.

The food is not the best but it is not bad either. The pizza is flavorful and not very greasy, like some places. They have a great selection of toppings and combinations to choose from, with different pizza styles so you can get whatever you are craving on your pizza.

The pasta is not very extravagant but it is a nice change from eating at school all the time. However, be warned: the majority of the pasta ranges from $10 to $17 so if you don’t want to spend too much money, it would be best to either choose the baked pasta (which is $8 to $10) or get something else.

Unless you want to splurge, you would be better off avoiding the Secondi portion of the menu because it holds the most expensive meals (apart from the large pizzas). The food under Secondi goes from $16 to $20 and while the portions are decent, as college kids, it isn’t the most economical choice.

Sabatino’s also offers soup, salad, wraps and other non-Italian food if your friends are in the mood for Italian but you are not. These choices are some of the least expensive foods here and they are still just as good.

When you are finished with your meal and you still have a little room in your stomach, you should try their dessert. For only $6 to $7, you can get an order of tiramisu, cheese cake, chocolate lava cake and more! It is definitely worth your money and it is just enough to hit the spot (and maybe have some
leftovers for later).