Honor Society Comes Home

It was a curious sight, seeing teenage girls line up at Irving Place in Manhattan on Nov.12, 2009. Some were waiting as early as 8 a.m, suffering through the cold, the rain, and wind. They all did this for the opportunity to stand in the front row during the Honor Society’s hometown show.

The band, made up of Michael Bruno, Andrew Lee, Alexander Noyes, and Jason Rosen proudly call New York their home. Despite having only been together for about two years, the band has developed an extensive fan base. This is especially true in New York City, where they sold out the Fillmore Theater that holds more than 1,000 people.

Before Honor Society even took the stage, they pumped up the crowd of New Yorkers by playing “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. The screams only got louder as the four gentlemen took the stage and started with their high-energy song, “Full Moon Crazy.” They continued with their upbeat songs, “Sing For You,” “Two Rebels” and “Where Are You Now.”

The mood of the venue took a turn as the show slowed down for “My Own Way.” Esmee Denters, the opening act, joined the band on stage for this song. However they picked up the tempo again with “Here Comes Trouble,” where they introduced the entire band and said, “New York City definitely has the hottest girls, though some of them might be trouble.”

Rosen, who typically sticks to guitar, keyboard, and backing vocals, took the lead as the band covered Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody.” After a sentimental thank-you speech from the band, they slowed it down once more for “Don’t Close the Book” and “Why Didn’t I.”

The party didn’t stop as they went on to play the catchy “Nobody Has to Know” and “Over You,” which is the hit single off their album Fashionably Late. Fans went crazy over their final and most popular song, “See U In The Dark,” with every person in the house doing the Honor Roll, a dance made up by the band that quickly caught on with the fans after being posted on YouTube.

Honor Society knows how to put on a fun and entertaining show. Even parents of younger fans were unable to keep from bobbing their head to the catchy beats. Their infectious smiles and upbeat music made it impossible to leave the venue without a smile. The band even showed how gracious they were by staying late to sign autographs for every single fan that wanted to meet them.

“I had a fabulous time and I definitely look forward to seeing them again,” Said Caitlin Glossza, a freshman at St. John’s, “I waited outside for 12 hours and it was totally worth it.”