Language Center finds a new home

The long-awaited Global Language and Culture Center opened its doors in the renovated Council Hall this week.

The new Center is designed to help St. John’s students further their study of foreign languages and is an expansion of the Language Lab, which was located in the basement of St. Augustine Hall. It is divided into four sections – Italian, French, Spanish and English as a Second Language (ESL).

Each section has four qualified tutors that have taken higher-level courses in their respective languages and were hand-picked by professors for the job.

“We just want a place for students to come to experience a new language yet still feel comfortable,” said junior Maria Gambino, an Italian tutor.

The Center has an open space for students to sit down and communicate with their tutors, as well as many books, dictionaries and movies for research.

Sophomore Alma Rodriguez, a Spanish tutor, said there are other perks as well, including a TV for each language on which Spanish, Italian, and French channels help to make the learning experience a well-rounded one.

Rodriguez explained that each section will hold approximately three to five culture events, including foreign language movie nights and open table discussions to encourage students to freely communicate and experience the culture.

The Center offers individual and group tutoring, as well as training in the use of the University’s Tell Me More online language program. They also provide language placement testing, pronunciation and accent reduction workshops, and much more.

To sign up for a tutoring session or to learn more, visit