Events held to appreciate commuter students on campus

Commuters and residents came together last week to enjoy Commuter Pride Week.

This is the fourth year that the Campus Commuter Connection (CCC) organized activities to unite commuters and residents. The CCC is a student organization that regularly holds events for commuters on campus. The Student Programming Board also helped to organize the events.

Yvette Clairjeane, president of the CCC, said that the week included a multitude of activities, such as free breakfast every day, a toga party and Commuter Chats.

Commuter Chats are an opportunity for students to voice their concerns to the executive board of the CCC, who will then take them to the STJ administrators.

Clairejeane said that the CCC’s goal is “just to unite everyone.” She also added that, although the title sounds exclusive, “everyone is welcome,” including residents.

According to Clairejeane, the CCC “used social networking sites, e-mail, flyers around campus, and word of mouth” to promote Commuter Pride Week.

Students around campus said they appreciated the CCC’s efforts to bring students together.

Freshman Adeel Zubair said that commuters need opportunities like Commuter Pride Week to get involved.

“We [commuters] don’t stay on campus that much,” Zubair said. “[Commuter Pride Week] makes us feel more involved.”

Junior Michelle Rendom agreed that commuters find it hard to get involved.

“I feel like we’re not on campus,” Rendom said. “We’re left out. [Commuter Pride Week] makes it easier to feel included.”