Turning Back Time

Hot Tub Time Machine can be described
in one eternal question: “What happened
last night?”

John Cusack, along with co-stars
Craig Robinson, Rob Cordry and Clark
Duke make their return to the ’80s in this movie about
four out-of-the-ordinary friends in search of a good
time in 2010 but fi nd it in 1986.

In the fi lm, the actors are experiencing different
moments in life. Adam (played by Cusack) has
just been dumped by his girlfriend. Lou (played by
Cordry) is the guy who loves to party but can never
fi nd one. Nick (played by Robinson) has been wrapped
around his wife’s controlling fi nger. And lastly, Jacob
(played by Duke), the youngest, is the video-game
obsessed kid who never leaves his basement. In the
quest to have some fun, they wind up in a ski resort
hot tub.

In a 30-minute college conference call, Clark
Duke and Craig Robinson spoke to several students
from more than 10 colleges to discuss their characters and the film.

“Fun!” Craig Robinson exclaimed when he had
read the movie’s title. When asked what audiences
can expect, Robinson added, “Laughter-serious

But just because it’s a fun movie to watch, it
doesn’t mean the actors didn’t face real-life challenges.
Duke revealed that some of the hardest acting he
had to do was wearing uncomfortable boots.

The four had great chemistry on and offset. Filming
in a remote section of Canada, they didn’t have
other people to hang out with so most of their time
was spent singing karaoke at a Japanese club and visiting
restaurants. “The fi rst seven days were fun and
the last seven days were like The Shining,” Robinson

When asked about their co-stars, Duke disclosed
that several of the scenes cut from the fi lm were directly
aimed at Cusack’s movies from the ’80s and
were “trying to bring the trench coat back.”

Robinson laughed that it was unfair from the beginning
because Cordry’s character, Lou, had no rules.

However, the four different comedic talents blended
so well that they were encouraged to improvise.

But don’t be fooled. Like other movies based on
characters revisiting times of yore, Robinson ensures
that this one is “way funnier.”

At the end of the fi lm shoot, Robinson declared
that he loved hot tubs even more and enjoyed the
pleasures of ordering room service from it. Duke was
humbled by the experience of working with people he
watched growing up.

Duke assured that viewers will be entertained by
saying, “People are going to enjoy the ride.”