Give Yourself A Reason To Relax

Everyone would like the opportunity to be pampered for a day, regardless of his or her gender. Spa experiences are considered a luxury and usually come with a price tag that makes it difficult for the working woman (or man) to afford, especially for a college student.

Understanding that these experiences are unattainable for many people, Spa Week founder Cheryl Reid decided to make these treatments available to more clients.

In 2004, Spa Week was born. The week-long event offers reasonably-priced spa treatments for $50, instead of the usually full-price treatments available at spas around the country.

According to Spa Week’s official Web site, Reid explains that she wanted to make the spa experience accessible to everyone, instead of just the wealthy. “Bringing the spa experience to the masses was my goal,” said Reid.

“The concept was simple; full service treatments, normally costing from $100 to $200 dollars, for just $50 dollars. No longer would spa be relegated to the wealthy; it was my mission to make it an affordable part of a healthy lifestyle routine.”

From April 12-18, consumers can book particular spa treatments at participating spa centers around the country. There are currently more than 450 spa locations in 27 major cities in the U.S. participating.

By visiting the Spa Week Web site, guests can search for participating spas in their area and then book an appointment for the offered discounted treatments. These treatments range from 50-minute stone massages, to organic deep cleansing facials.

In New York City alone, there are 179 participating spas that are offering $50 treatments during Spa Week. The spa directory is listed on the Web site and shows spas from each borough, and lists the direct link to the Web site of the spa.

It is a great opportunity to unwind after a busy week and take time out for yourself. Spa treatments can also be used as gifts to others, either as an early Mother’s Day gift or a friend’s birthday present that doesn’t break the bank.

Because most of the people who participate in Spa Week are not regular spa goers, the Spa Week Web site offers a complete guide on spa etiquette and how to get the most out of the experience. There is also a handy glossary listed that explains all sorts of treatments that are offered, so users can find the exact spa feature that would best suit their needs.

Even if you do not have money to book a spa treatment during the spring Spa Week event, there will be another opportunity to take part in these discounted treatments in the fall, when Spa Week Media will launch their annual Fall Spa Week.

Although Spa Week only happens twice a year, Spa Week Media is active throughout the whole year, offering an array of services through their Web site. Users read articles about beauty and health topics, enter monthly contests to win cosmetics and gain tips on wedding day preparations.

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