Second controversial scandal pollutes FIFA

Irene Spezzamonte, Staff Writer

The revelation of a secret deal aimed to designate the 2022 World Cup to the United States before the official vote arose on Wednesday, when President of FIFA Sepp Blatter delivered an interview with Russian media outlet TASS.

During his interview, Blatter explained how the turning table came from cooperation between French president Nicolas Sarkozy, and head of the European football federation UEFA (The Union of European Football Associations), Michel Platini. Blatter said Sarkozy and Platini convinced other European soccer leaders to change their minds and to hand the 2022 World Cup over to Qatar instead of the U.S.

“For the World Cups it was agreed that we go to Russia because it’s never been in Russia and for 2022 we go back to America.” Blatter said. “And so we will have the World Cup in the two biggest political powers. ”

This scandal serves as the second one in the past year. Over the summer, FIFA suffered another scandal after many officials connected to the organization were arrested and charged on accounts of wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering.

According to British newspaper “The Independent,” Blatter and Platini have been suspended from engaging in any FIFA-related activity for 90 days.

The decision to give the World Cup to Qatar has not been seen as the best solution for players. The country is considered to be too hot to perform at high levels.

“It is hard for soccer players to express their best under the hot sun.,” said sophomore Andrea Previati. Previati is a member of the women’s soccer team at St. John’s.

However, the hostile weather is not the only problem in Qatar. While the country has already started to build the infrastructures for the World Cup, several work deaths have been registered. Human rights and workers advocacy groups have claimed to provide adequate workplace protections to workers.