The Torch

What to keep an eye on for the upcoming primaries

Talia Tirella, Co Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

April 27, 2016

GOP candidate Donald Trump swept Tuesday’s five state contest, upping his delegate total to 950. Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton won four state contests except Rhode Island, which went to Bernie Sanders. Clinton ...

A small aquarium for a big fish and his buddy

Irene Spezzamonte, Staff Writer

September 30, 2015

The pilot fish is one of the ocean’s most common fish. It usually enjoys the world’s warm, tropical waters, where it attaches itself to the ocean’s larger predators, usually sharks. It creates a reciprocal relationship with...

Republicans take control of Senate

Anabelle Madho, Staff Writer

November 13, 2014

In this year’s election for Congressional candidates, the Republican Party won full control of the Senate with just seven new seats.   The Democratic Party was left in the minority. The Republicans attained seats formerly h...

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