Republicans take control of Senate

In this year’s election for Congressional candidates, the Republican Party won full control of the Senate with just seven new seats.   The Democratic Party was left in the minority.

The Republicans attained seats formerly held by the Democratic Party in states such as Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Arkansas, South Dakota, West Virginia and Montana.

The Grand Old Party (GOP), has come a long way.  At the beginning of the year, many were uncertain whether the Republican Party could take full control of the Senate.

Only 44 percent of the American population believed that the Republican Party would not be successful in January 2014.  By July, the polls showed a leap to 54 percent.

According to, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) stated during his victory speech, “It is time to go in a new direction. It is time to turn this country around.  And I will not let you down.”

Polls show that the American people believe that the Republican Party can do a better job with dealing with crises such as unemployment, the threat of ISIS and the Ebola outbreak.

Several other congressman and officials have faith in the new turnout of the House of Senate as well.  They appear to be faithful and trustworthy in the new senators added to their house.  Like the American people, they also believe that the new Republican senators will make positive ends to varying crises that our economy faces.