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Meet Student ‘Boss’ Jaylin Bolden

Dayra Santana, Assistant Features Editor

April 3, 2019

What does a normal week look like for a college student with two businesses, eight email accounts, frequent business trips to different cities, a student organization to run and a full academic course load? Busy, to say the least. This is an average week for sophomore Jaylin Bolden. With a jam-packed cale...

St. John’s Student Runs Online Fashion Boutique

St. John’s Student Runs Online Fashion Boutique

Anna McFillin, Contributing Writer

December 7, 2018

Zoë Bowen is a junior marketing major at St. John’s, and is taking the fashion world by storm. Fashion Mi Forward, Inc. is the brand she founded in April 2017. Growing up, Bowen watched her single mother not only run her own law firm, but raise her to be an independent and driven young woman. ...

YOS: Inspired, Expressive and Inclusive

YOS: Inspired, Expressive and Inclusive

Kennisa Ragland, Contributing Writer

September 20, 2018

As I sit with senior student Donovan Carnegie-Salmon, he sports the black “Rest In Peace” hoodie from his clothing line YOS (Your Own Society) Apparel. Inspired by Salvador Dali’s oil painting, “Crucifixion” (Corpus Hypercubus), the hoodie draws from the Spanish artist’s aim at chang...

Coffee Conversation: Zoe Golden-Johnson on Influences, Nature and Emotion in Photography

Samantha DeNinno, Entertainment Editor

April 18, 2018

The Poughkeepsie native wanders into the DAC Coffeehouse, holding a large portfolio of prints and the welcoming smile of someone who immensely enjoys what they do. Zoe Golden-Johnson, freshman photography major, gushes about her interests in the art field, bursting with an excitement for what’s to c...

Student Takes a Modern Twist on a Bookstore Favorite

Student Takes a Modern Twist on a Bookstore Favorite

Beverly Danquah, Features Editor

October 18, 2017

The start of a new school year is a great opportunity to play up your style with new looks and splashes of color. Trends today include moving away from traditional styles and opting for lighter, fresher hues like pastels, adding an edge to almost any look. One St. John’s student took somethin...

Students came together for the ‘March Against the Ban’

Students came together for the ‘March Against the Ban’

Angelica Acevedo, News Editor

February 10, 2017

Dozens of students gathered in front of the D’Angelo Center (DAC) on Monday, Feb. 6 to march in protest of Trump’s week-old executive order, which banned citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. The march was organized by three juniors, Morgan Popek, ...

St. John’s own up and coming jewelry designer, Hannah Axmacher

Kailey Licata, Contributing Writer

September 14, 2016

As the years progress, different styles and fashions make a full circle and become trendy again. Hannah Axmacher, a sophomore at St. Johns, caught onto the jewelry craze among women fast. Axmacher started to make her own jewelry about a month and a half ago. Since then, she has designed around 130 pieces...

Library looks to revamp image

Victoria Lohwasser, Contributing Writer

September 20, 2015

One-of-a-kind giveaways are the best, not only for the people that created them, but for the public as well. During the Activities Fair held on Thursday, Sept. 10, the library distributed 100 free tote bags. These bags were the result of collaboration between St. John’s University’s Art Department, Lib...

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