St. John’s Student Runs Online Fashion Boutique


Photo Courtesy/Istagram/FashionMiFward

Bowen’s brand launches Zenon, its first unisex piece

Anna McFillin, Contributing Writer

Zoë Bowen is a junior marketing major at St. John’s, and is taking the fashion world by storm. Fashion Mi Forward, Inc. is the brand she founded in April 2017.

Growing up, Bowen watched her single mother not only run her own law firm, but raise her to be an independent and driven young woman.

Inspired by her mother’s hard work and success, Bowen was driven to achieve her own, hence the creation of Fashion Mi Forward, Inc.

Bowen comes from a West Indian background and coined the phrase Fashion Mi Forward.

“Fashion Mi Forward means to seek and elevate your style. To give your sense of style a modern voice,” Bowen said.

With that, Fashion Mi Forward’s mission statement is to “bring innovative styles and accessories to the modern woman.”

The mass amount of support Bowen received when she first launched FMF gave her the extra motivation she needed to expand her company.

“The customers began to anticipate new releases, so I had no choice but to take it more seriously and build upon the foundation I laid,” Bowen said. That is exactly what she did.

Bowen has experimented with numerous products and product lines. From apparel, to accessories, to swimsuits, she keeps FMF trendy.

“I’m a firm believer in trusting the process,” Bowen said. She described her creative process as trial and error and is dedicated to finding out what works and what doesn’t work for her brand.

Her biggest inspiration: Rihanna. Rihanna’s bold, fun and chic style is what Bowen looks up to when she is creating her pieces for FMF. She keeps things edgy, cool and a little distressed. Who doesn’t love a good distressed denim look?

When asked what brand is most comparable to Fashion Mi Forward, Bowen replied, “ASOS.”

FMF has just began carrying unisex hoodies, and from that, Bowen predicts to have a men’s line coming out in the future.

Bowen hopes to collaborate with other established brands, and up and coming brands as well.

She proves that hard work pays off, and has already seen great sales, especially this past Black Friday.

“Sales were great this year, I’m excited to see Fashion Mi Forward evolving,” Bowen said.

Zoë Bowen is a name you want to know, and Fashion Mi Forward is a brand you don’t want to forget.