St. John’s own up and coming jewelry designer, Hannah Axmacher

Kailey Licata, Contributing Writer

As the years progress, different styles and fashions make a full circle and become trendy again. Hannah Axmacher, a sophomore at St. Johns, caught onto the jewelry craze among women fast. Axmacher started to make her own jewelry about a month and a half ago. Since then, she has designed around 130 pieces of handcrafted necklaces and rings.

“There’s a place in Long Island called Hannah Happiness,” Axmacher said. “They sell healing stones and also make necklaces with them. As I was there, I realized that I could do this by myself instead of buying them.”

A girl in Axmacher’s town also made jewelry similar to hers. She used unique stones and crafted necklaces. Axmacher used this inspiration, along with many others to start her own hobby.

“I’ve been searching for a passion and something to do with my free time, and that is what made me the happiest,” Axmacher said.

Axmacher orders healing stones and beads from hypnotic gems, then purchases wires and cords from Michaels.

“My favorite stones are the purple amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, and green garnet,” she said. “I love what they stand for and also the way they complete a piece of jewelry.”         “Sometimes I mess up and want to redo the necklace. I like them to be high quality and my clients to know I put a lot of work into each and every accessory,” Axmacher said. “I think the jewelry is really different and unique. Not a lot of people have gems like these. I enjoy making new pieces. It releases my stress and it is something I look forward to after class.”

Each piece of jewelry comes with a card. Every card has the name of the person with a personalized note. On the back is the meaning of the healing stone. The size of the necklaces can range from a long wire to a choker. Each piece sells for about eight to ten dollars.

Axmacher hopes the business will take off and spread more around campus. Students can follow the Instagram @jewelrybyhanz and find all the new pieces she makes.

“What means the most to me are the messages the healing stones provide. Some are to draw off negative energy, some are to draw good fortune,” said Axmacher, “It is so humbling and rewarding seeing people around campus wearing my jewelry. So much goes into each individual piece, and all of them are made with love.”