Rand Paul Announces Run For The Presidency

Bryant Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

Senator Rand Paul kicked off his presidential campaign this past Tuesday as a top contender for the presidency. The one-term senator from Kentucky enjoys wide support from a variety of voters, placing him near the top of the presidential polls.

The support aids his campaign immensely as he enters a very packed race for the nomination. His main competition is Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. Both candidates are keen on preserving the Republican Party’s conservative platform for 2016 and are deadlocked in national polls.

However, as a favorite of both the Tea Party and Independent voters, Paul has the added advantage of gaining his father’s supporters.

His father, former Senator Ron Paul of Texas, unsuccessfully ran for president twice, yet he won over many Independents for his Libertarian views.

Paul’s support from the Tea Party stems from his regular attacks on the Republican Party in which he accuses them of straying away from conservative principles. The Tea Party helped Paul win his seat in the Senate, and will, no doubt, aid in electing him to the White House.

Although he is seen as the most Libertarian of the Republican candidates, Paul calls himself a “constitutional conservative.” He supports term limits, a balanced budget amendment and is a strong proponent of lowering federal spending and taxation.

Along with being pro-life and anti-gun control, Paul favors a strong American military presence worldwide in order to insure the country’s security.

His fiscal conservatism and libertarianism lead many to favor his policies; in a Conservative Political Action Committee straw poll, many young voters prefer Paul to his nearest competitor, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

On the campaign trail, Paul’s major opponents for the Republican nomination include Ted Cruz, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Walker. Bush is seen as the Republican Party favorite. However, many question whether he should be elected to the White House as his father and brother have both served as president.

In the Democratic race for the presidency, Hillary Clinton is, by far, the favorite candidate. In national polls, she leads by a wide margin against the other possible Democratic candidates. Against Paul, the most recent poll by Public Policy Polling has Clinton and Paul in a very tight range (46-42).

Paul’s widespread support from conservatives and libertarians make him the most appealing candidate for the Republican nomination. However, he will still need to keep the momentum strong because this election cycle’s competition will be intense. Even if he wins the Republican nomination, Paul will still need to contend with the Democratic nominee, which will most likely be Hillary Clinton.