Saigon Asian Cuisine

Take a quick walk from campus to savor some good (and cheap) Vietnamese food

Evelyn Miller, Contributing Writer

Located in Flushing, Queens and only a short walk away from St. John’s University lies the Vietnamese Pho restaurant Saigon.

Inhabiting the space once known as the Asian Fusion Bistro, this new restaurant offers plenty of fan favorites and exciting quintessential specials that anyone can try. I have gone at different times and the place offers a large, open area to house a gathering of friends.

If you are on a budget but still want to get the experience of eating out or getting good take out, this is the place to go. Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., they offer a lunch special menu ranging from $6.25 to $8. The lunch special includes the choice of rice, soup or a soda, and the entrée portions are great as well. I recommend the sliced chicken or curry beef, which has plenty of meat and vegetables. The General Tso’s chicken is divine, but you can also try the cubed beef dish that offers large portions of beef.

If you don’t make it to the lunch special, don’t worry. There’s a section in the menu called ‘Over Rice’ that offers the same meals but with dinner portions and the price doesn’t break the bank either. One of dishes on the menu is called ‘Grilled Pork Chop Combo Over Rice’ and it offers three different types of meat, rice and a crab cake all for only $7.25. How awesome is that?

If you’re a Pho lover and are really hungry, the ‘Grilled Pork Chop’ special is great. It’s under $7 and comes with two pork chops. There are a variety of other Phos you can try that cater to how you want. If spice is your game, then the ‘Satay Beef Pho’ is good as the broth is spicy and flavorful, especially as the seasons start to change and it gets colder.

Saigon is an overall great place to grab a bite to eat when you’re hungry and to go to when you want to have a nice chat with your friend. The staff is very helpful and welcoming to all people that go in.

Since you are part of the St. John’s community, go out and meet new your neighbors!