Connect with your inner Italian with Neapolitan Express

Tiffany Heravi, Contributing Writer

Torch Photo/Jackie Priesler
Torch Photo/Jackie Priesler

Eco-friendly pizza. Now, that’s a choice open to all members of the St. John’s University community.

SJU students can find the Neapolitan Express food truck parked on campus. The truck sells personal pizzas that are baked fresh in the truck’s Italian handmade open-mouth electric oven.

There are a variety of flavors for every palette. For example, for those who enjoy spicy food, the Diavolo pizza comes topped with spicy soppressata salami and jalapenos. There’s also the L’Americano, which, as the name indicates, is an American styled pizza topped with organic pepperoni.

One of the Neapolitan’s best qualities is that they are very thoughtful about what goes into their products. The company’s mantras are, “Fast food should be good food,” and “Doing well by doing good.” They have followed suit by making their food organic, non-GMO and moving to make the process more eco-friendly.

When eating their pizza, you can immediately notice the fine quality of ingredients. Unlike the greasy, over-processed pizza we all know and love, Neapolitan Express’ pizza provides us with a classic and simple taste. The sauce is not as complexly flavored and has less of the thin pouring consistency that typical pizza shops use, which can sometimes leave the pizza with a bland taste to some. However, Neapolitan-style pizza has always had less-cooked tomatoes. If you are looking for that herb flavor in the sauce, one trick is to shake on some dried oregano from the bottle offered at the truck.

The best part of the Neapolitan Express experience is their dough. It’s so good, in fact, even if you only eat the dough, it would be appetizing. Baked to perfection with the right amount of charred bits on the sides, the crust is delicious with a fresh taste. Underneath the pizza, the dough is made thick enough to compensate for the toppings. Unlike the crust on American pizza, the crust of the pizza at Neapolitan Express is chewy with an edge crispy enough so that it is not too soft.

The friendly workers and minimal wait time are a bonus. SJU students seem to be in agreement: this truck has been a wonderful addition to the dining options on campus.