Caribbean warmth amidst the NY cold

Livia Paula, Features Editor

Heading for a night-out in NYC sounds fun and exciting. I mean, let’s not forget that there are people from all over the country paying large amounts of money to spend only a few days here.

Whether you are a native New Yorker or have lived in the city for a while, you might find yourself a bit discouraged at times to leave the warmth of your house and face the low temperatures.

When I was out with a couple of my friends the other night, we decided to make the best of our Saturday night and avoid the greasy pizza spots surrounding us at the infamous Greenwich Village. We wanted to escape the NY vibe.

In order to keep the cold weather off of our heads and enjoy something authentic, we decided to walk into Miss Lily’s, a Jamaican style diner located at 132 West Houston Street.

The staff is very friendly and the music was incredibly upbeat and entertaining.

They actually have a section of their website called “Radio Lily,” which features a schedule of what usually plays on different days and times of the week.

Since I was there on a Saturday after 8 p.m., the DJ was keeping the customers entertained with an upbeat playlist that fit the restaurant and its vibe.

As soon as I glanced at the menu, I knew exactly what I was going to order: Jerk chicken wings. I ordered from the appetizer section accompanied by a side of sweet plantains, and I was pretty contented with it, to the point that, if I had the time, I would’ve ordered more.

Paying $11 for wings was not bad at all given the location, the popularity of the place and my not-so-friendly college budget.

Miss Lily’s sell their own jerk sauces: jerk marinade, jerk BBQ and “rass” hot jerk BBQ. According to Miss Lily’s website, the sauce was developed by a “Jamaican culinary star” named Suzanne Couch. They’re all natural, and if you are a Jamaican-food-enthusiast or just happen to appreciate an out-of-the-ordinary spice, you should definitely give it a try.

Who knows, perhaps create your own Jamaican-style food in your house.

My friend ordered the Jerk Salmon, which is accompanied by a quinoa salad that did not disappoint. Other jerk options include the jerk pork with coconut glaze and charred pineapple slaw.

Their jerk grilled corn is only $5 and it comes with toasted coconut and jerk mayo.

If you’re not buying into the “hype” around the jerk dishes, they have other options. Be advised, however, that jerk dishes are their specialty.

Miss Lily’s has brunch menu that they serve during the weekends. In addition, they also have a cafe area of the restaurant and serve patties ranging from $4 to $5.

Miss Lily’s also sells Melvin’s Juice Box from Melvin Major Jr., featured in their website as a “downtown juicing legend and a 20-year veteran of New York’s fresh, organic juice scene.”

Melvin’s Juice Box and it’s 100% organic vast selection of juices is just another great addition to the authenticity of the exotic establishment.

There’s so much more to this place than what I experienced, and I was aware that only one Saturday night wouldn’t be enough for me to enjoy it all.

I’m definitely planning my next trip to this NYC based paradise, and I advise you to do the same.