Tap into the ‘Cookie Monster’

Jamie Pfeiffer, Staff Writer

When social media exploits a new, popular food trend, I am the first to go try it.

I went to Black Tap on my birthday this year with my family on a Monday night. I was glad that my birthday fell on a Monday, considering the reviews I read that stated customers had at lesast a four hour wait.

For starters, the commute into the city was a piece of cake, as the location was right outside of the L subway station on W14th St. When we arrived there was a small line outside and the wait was only 20 minutes, a birthday miracle.

The inside of the restaurant was dimly lit and spacious. We all ordered different burgers, which were huge, tasty and definitely something to go back for.

The Mexican burgers were my favorite because they were spicy and had deliciously prepared fresh guacamole. Not to mention, almost all over the restaurant were people’s autographs, graffiti tags, and slogans. The wooden table we sat at was signed a bunch of times and my family and I also left a mark.

Onto the shakes. When we went they only had a limited amount to choose from. Not knowing any better, I thought we would be able to order any of the ones I saw on their Instagram. I adjusted quickly as I saw they still had the Cookie Monster and the Sour Power on the menu. My family ordered both to try.

The Cookie Monster tasted like a regular vanilla shake, but with cookie crumbles and decorations all over the glass. The Sour Power was a delicious black cherry flavor, and came with all sorts of sour candies attached. It was a large size shake and I couldn’t finish it, so I would recommend sharing (which would also be kinder on your wallet). Each shake is about $15 and the cheapest burger is about $14. Again, both items can definitely be shared and are absolutely scrumptious.

Black Tap is definitely not ones to miss out on; they did not disappoint.