Photoshoot ready workshop

Vachon Osby

Working with fellow creative people is always the best source of inspiration and learning for any artist to advance their own crafts and take their artistry to the next level.

This past week, the Red House accomplished our second workshop titled “Photoshoot Ready” where we met interested creative people along with Red House members, at the very top of the parking garage behind DAC, to collaborate on a series of photoshoots.

It was the perfect opportunity for our members to become more comfortable with collaborating in a group setting, and to shamelessly get some new headshots and social media content out of the way.

Our main goal for the workshop was to accomplish our executive board photoshoot while engaging with each of our members to get the creative juices flowing.

Instead of establishing a theme for the shoot, we based our aesthetic on a black, grey and white color scheme.

It was the first day of fall, as well as one of the sunniest days of the week, so we all received the opportunity to play around with new outfits and styles.

Everyone came out looking as a fashion club should, ready to conquer, “Photoshoot Ready.”

We will continue to have workshops and engaging events, such as our successful second workshop which was a slight upset from our first, Denim DIY.

The Red House hopes to continue our mission to inspire and connect the entire St. John’s community through consistent, creative collaborations and beautiful artistic movements.