SJU New Year Resolutions

Loraina London Calderon, Contributing Writer

With every new year comes a floodgate of resolutions or goals people want to complete for themselves that same year. The new year is a time to start fresh and become a “new you” because it is the recognized clean slate everyone needs.

It signifies a lot for people, other than the fact that it’s a changed date on the calendar.  A lot of people have fun with things that they choose to do in the new year.

“My resolution has actually became an actuality because I am backpacking this summer,” said senior Lyssete Cordova.

There’s always a way to prep to make your goals become a reality and that’s what makes setting goals and watching them actually happen is such an inspiration. It really doesn’t matter at what time in the year you decide to become a better person; what matters most is that you actually do what you set out to do. The new year for most college students starts in August so when the new school year hits and as the years go by things do change and so do goals.

Some goals even spill over into the new year, like the start of this up and coming business; a clothing company from SJU student James Eearing.

“I would like for us to make around $10,000 by May,” said the sophomore and CFO of Guilty clothing brand.  

Big goals are always achieved by working up to them, remember the bigger picture isn’t that far ahead.

With a couple of  days left of January,there is still time to accomplish what you want out of the month, or even semester/year.  

“I know it’s almost been a month, but I still really want to get into going to the gym,” said sophomore Jade Syphax.  

Becoming a “new you” in recent years has a lot to do with changing who you are on the surface, but becoming a new person on the outside is just as important as becoming a new person on the inside.

“This year I really want to enlighten myself by reading more,” said sophomore Jessica Williams.

The new year is a significant start to working on yourself and that’s what makes it such a big deal. So do what you have to do, be a better person and do it with poise.