Carson in bad spotlight after alleged lies

Arianna Pintado, Contributing Writer

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has been under fire recently following the reemergence of his 1990 best-selling autobiography, “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story,” which caused questions to rise regarding the authenticity of these stories.

One of the stories revolved around Carson’s history of violence towards his mother and the attempted stabbing of one of his close friends. CNN reporters Scott Glover and Maeve Reston interviewed nine of Carson’s childhood friends, and found that none of the nine friends recalled any of the incidents of violence that Carson disclosed.

Another story that was allegedly fabricated was how Carson falsely claimed earning a prestigious scholarship to West Point. Following this, Carson also said that he saved numerous white students by hiding them in a classroom to protect them from a black mob on the day of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. This claim was soon proven to be false by the Wall Street Journal, as they discovered that there was no proof of the incident.

In a recent interview with Fox News Reporter Megyn Kelly, Carson tried putting an end to this controversy by saying, “[Investigators] are so desperate looking for a scandal it’s almost comical.”

Freshmen Erin Bola and Donna Mourani believe Carson’s refusal to place fault on himself will further hurt his reputation.

“It sounds like he is putting the blame on almost anyone but himself. Some of his excuses such as saying that, technically, being urged to apply to West Point is the same as being offered a full ride, seems like a huge stretch,” Bola said. “This might not be as important as his official political stances, but it definitely casts a huge shadow of doubt over his credibility.”

“I want a president who is going to be truthful and I feel like I would be able to trust,” Mourani said. “So far, I don’t think he’s off to a good start.”