Phi Sigma Sigma Hosts Final Blood Drive of Semester

Byron Campbell, Contributing Writer

Phi Sigma Sigma collaborated with the New York Blood Center to host their last blood drive of 2018 on Monday.

If you were wondering why the red mascot was on campus, New York Blood Center stationed their blood drive at Taffner Field House located by Gate 1.

Center account manager and coordinator Madeline Lo said one initiative is to encourage students and faculty to donate blood to save the lives of cancer patients, burn victims, newborn babies, surgery patients, transplant patients and others in need.

The process is simple. Make your way to Taffner Field House and bring a donor card — if you do not have a donor card, then registration is quick and free. Walk-ins are welcome.

While they waited to donate blood, students had to take a questionnaire, which the staff used to tell them their blood type. The transfusion process typically takes 10 to 15 minutes, and participants wait in a chair for their names to be called.

Lo wants students to donate and change the stigma of long waits and worthlessness people may have toward blood transfusions. According to the Center, one pint can save three lives.

At that rate, 40,000 pints are transfused each day in the United States. 4.5 million Americans receive blood transfusions each year.

Sophomore Michael Yacik donated blood to help patients in dire need of it. The transfusion is harmless, according to Yacik.

“Donating took a little bit of my time,” he said. “I just wanted to help people that are not as fortunate.”

Lo believes that giving and supporting those who are not privileged is part of the Vincentian core at St. John’s, and so do the

Spanish organizations, that helped promote awareness of the event on campus.

Phi Sigma Sigma sponsored and led this year’s blood drive to help increase the turnout.

According to a report from Community Relations, it was suggested that 550 pints were donated this year.

The blood drives are a University-wide initiative that take place on both the Staten Island and Queens campuses.

St. John’s has been awarded the Platinum Award from the NYBC as one of the top blood donors in New York for the past six years.

St. John’s commitment led their initiative to be recognized as the top Catholic college for donations by Bishop Dimarzio.

The New York Blood Center encourages students to donate blood each year. Lo and the staff hope that the following semester just as many students will donate.