Staten Island’s ‘The Bolt’ Links With the Torch

Staten Island’s ‘The Bolt’ Links With the Torch

Staten Island campus’ multimedia outlet, “The Bolt” will be joining forces with the Torch” in the coming year to present new ideas and a wider range of coverage between campuses. 

Founded in 2017, The Bolt is the Staten Island campus’ multimedia outlet, run by a group of ten students which focuses on events and topics of importance and campus each week and comes up with creative content to deliver to the students’ population. 

The Bolt runs a weekly news program called “The Bulletin” where news reporters film segments detailing events happening in the upcoming week on campus and interesting features for the week which is posted on the instagram page and website. This was a recent expansion for the outlet as podcasts were previously the main focus, but the move to video journalism has been gaining more attention for programming. 

Student journalists also cover events and topics on campus and write feature articles for the website’s blog page.  Recently, The Bolt expanded to cover sports at St. Johns, beginning with Red Storm Basketball coverage where game summaries are written, as well as live reports  from games at Madison Square Garden.

The  multimedia outlet has been a huge success, and President Brian Borgeson noted that “the Bolt has become the perfect place for Staten Island Campus students studying Communications or TV/Film to express their interests. Specializing in different areas or media such as video, podcast and journalism has enabled the Bolt to create content that both informs and entertains the community on campus.”  With exciting new ideas and projects on the way, The Bolt looks forward to expanding the platform further in 2020.