St. John’s Extends Pass/Fail Option


Pass/Fail options for Spring 2020 semester have been extended due to circumstances arising from COVID-19.

The University announced that they will be extending the pass/fail option from its original April 17 deadline to May 6, the last day of classes before finals, via internal email Mar. 27. This is in response to the significant adjustment that students and faculty have been experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing classes to be completed online. 

Addressed from University Provost Simon Moller, the email states: “In response to the disruption students and faculty have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has decided, in consultation with the Academic Deans and Departmental Chairpersons, to implement an expanded pass/fail option for undergraduate students for the Spring 2020 semester only.”

These students are now allowed to choose multiple courses to pass/fail, as opposed to the usual one course per semester. Originally, major and minor courses were not eligible for the pass/fail option. Now, students can use the option for these courses as well. The University recommends that students talk with their advisor if they wish to choose to pass/fail a major or minor class. 

The University previously promised an update on the pass/fail option in an internal email with the subject “Update on Spring Grades.” “…the University will be moving toward offering more flexible grading options for Spring 2020,” said University Provost Simon Moller. 

While these changes are in effect, the final day to withdraw from a class is still April 17. 

The University stressed in the email that once students commit to pass/failing a course, they cannot rescind that decision. The University recommends that students wait for a few weeks before applying for the pass/fail option so that they can get used to online classes before making a decision to pass/fail a class. 

More information, including FAQ’s, can be found on the University website: