Flames of the Torch

A farewell from the staff

A beloved, unofficial, member of the Torch, Public Safety Officer, Gerald “Jerry” Anthony Alfano, entered the doors of the Torch’s production night for his final time last night before his retirement begins in June.

Along with his medium sized ziploc bag of Starbursts that he carries in his pocket to share with the stressed and tired editors, he also brought memorable stories and an infectious laugh to the office each week.The staff always looked forward to Jerry telling us countless stories of pranks he’s pulled on students, to some of the things he used to do when he was our age. Each week when he leaves the office, he leaves us with the iconic words, “Don’t stay up too late, guys.”

While Public Safety Officers often go unrecognized for their faithful efforts to keep the St. John’s community safe and sound, we consider ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity to develop a close relationship with Jerry.

Not only is he a regular figure in the Torch office on Tuesday nights, but also, he’s a regular figure on campus, greeting students with his famous bag of Starbursts. Every student hopes to run into Jerry while walking home, not for the candy, but to talk with one of the most genuine and upbeat characters in the community. Most, if not all, students are extremely fond of him. It’s practically impossible to walk away from a conversation with Jerry without a smile on your face.

As the school year winds down and Jerry’s retirement draws closer, we at the Torch will remember him as the most fun loving Public Safety Officer, and we wish him the happiest and healthiest retirement.

Jerry, our door will always be open for you on Tuesday nights. They will not be the same without your midnight rounds.


Finals are around the corner and summer is rapidly approaching. As St. John’s prepares for the end of another academic year, we at the Torch would like to extend the best of luck to our fellow students in finishing off the school year.

We know that the end of the school year is always bittersweet. It’s nice to finish classes and have a bit of our stresses relieved for a few months. But, leaving campus, parting ways with roommates and friends, and saying goodbye to friends who are graduating can be difficult.

To graduating seniors; we congratulate you on your accomplishments, and wish you the best of luck as you part ways with our University. Never forget the memories made, lessons learned, and lifelong friends that you’ve made at SJU.

To returning students; we look forward to continuing to see you around campus next year. We hope that you return from summer vacation relaxed, refreshed, and ready for another incredible school year.

As for the Torch, it has been a pleasure to serve the St. John’s community this year. The passion, sweat and, quite often, almost tears shedded during our Tuesday night production meetings were always worth it once the final product came to fruition, and we watched students carry copies around campus. We look forward to continuing to serve SJU in the coming academic year.

Goodbyes are inevitable at the end of the semester, but this is only a short lived farewell. We already can’t wait to see you in September, St. John’s.