Follow what you preach

Yves Nguyen, Assistant Entertainment Editor

Over the past year, President Donald Trump has used inflammatory language and advocated for non-inclusive policies; this has understandably caused many individuals distress. However, the left has also used similarly harmful language.

Protests, such as the Women’s March, have unintentionally brought about particularly destructive chants, sayings and posters.

Many people have claimed that Trump has “tiny hands,” a “tiny penis,” or have joked about his double chin; these ideas harm people beyond Trump because body shaming pervades past the person you shame. This re-entrenches the idea that small hands and small penises make men inadequate and/or unattractive.

These problematic attacks extend to Melania and Barron Trump, as well. People have made signs that say, “blink twice, if you need help” directed towards Melania. First, this assumes that Melania is not making autonomist decisions or is not intelligent enough to do so; this spreads a sexist narrative about women merely being accessories without free thought. Second, this spreads ableist rhetoric by making a joke out of serious issues; such as Stockholm syndrome and domestic abuse, which affects thousands of people. Sexism towards Melania goes beyond these signs; people also slut shame Melania for her past in modeling, which should not disqualify her as First Lady.

Similarly, Barron Trump has faced ableist attacks. “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich tweeted a joke about Barron becoming the nation’s first “homeschool shooter,” and people have speculated and joked about Barron having autism. Even if he does have autism, this is neither negative, nor a joke, and this is not open for public discussion.

Moreover, people have chanted “put a fence around Mike Pence;” this works within the same frameworks that Trump and Pence setup.

Working within the same frameworks as those you oppose only work to spread these pervasive ideas.