Junior Year: The Make or Break Year

The third year of undergrad tends to be a year riddled with decisions

Angela Kellett, Staff Writer

Junior year is terrifying as a high school student. As a college student, the terror is still present.

It brings about life decisions and a significant amount of self-reflection. Although, as a college student it is just as rewarding as it may be terrifying.

Some SJU juniors tend to finish most of their required core classes their sophomore year — which allows for a more focused and rigorous course load related to their major. You truly feel that you are focused in your major.

That you are learning the tools to better prepare for your career.

Although, the pressure to plan your career is ever present in this time.

The second week of the new academic year has just ended, and I am already frantic to find an internship.

The push to find “experience to broaden my knowledge” has gone from zero to a hundred.

Junior year is also a time where you either love or hate your major. As someone who is double-majoring, I can say I can visibly see which field I prefer.

From freshman year to sophomore year, and now to junior year, my classes have become more focused on my career path.

Despite some notions that journalism is a dying field, I’m confident I have been taught and am prepared to find a job in the ever changing field of multimedia journalism.

The perks of junior year are just as great. You feel at home at St. John’s and that builds a sense of confidence.

You no longer have to question which building is which. The best places to eat have been established, and you do not waste time and money trying out new foods.

Classmates whom you have had classes with for two years now become friends. You walk into a classroom on the first day and notice at least a couple familiar faces.

Friends who you may have met freshman year or even sophomore year, start to become family.

The friends you have made truly become your support system. As I venture into another year at St. John’s, I am still overwhelmed by our sense of community.

As a commuter, I feared I would miss out on the “college experience.” But, starting another year brings about new joys.

You say hi to the barista at Starbucks who has made your drinks for two years. Professors you have had various times ask how your summer was.

These simple things remind me what makes St. John’s special. Despite the stress that junior year will bring. I know that I will always have my little corner of the third-floor library to count on.