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The Power Behind an Ad

A still from the Gillette commercial that tackled toxic masculinity.

Photo Attribution/YouTube/Gillette

A still from the Gillette commercial that tackled toxic masculinity.

Jill Ortiz, Chief Copy Editor

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As a woman, I feel that this advertisement is what millions of men needed to see. Men need to be reminded of what masculinity is not. Those that felt attacked by a commercial that demonstrates that bullying, catcalling and harassment among other things are wrong, fail to realize that they believe that such things uphold the definition of masculinity. Others claim that they don’t need a brand that they purchase their razors from to tell them to be a “good person.” My question is: If they don’t say it, then who will? And if you so strongly feel that way, then tell me what you are doing to encourage others to be a “good person”? Not to mention the fact that this commercial is encouraging men to do the BARE MINIMUM of what it takes to be a decent human being — isn’t that a little telling of the culture that we are a part of now? I believe that the advertisement did what it needed to do, which at the end of the day means that it created a conversation among millions of people. Whether people had something positive to say or something negative to say, they were still saying something.

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The Power Behind an Ad