A Breakout Season for Dylan Addae-Wusu

In a season where many stars underperformed, Dylan Addae-Wusu shined.

Torch Photo / Sara Kiernan

Dylan Addae-Wusu, a junior guard for the St. John’s Men’s Basketball team, has been having a breakout season. Despite the team’s struggles, Addae-Wusu has been a key player, averaging 9.1 points per game and shooting 42.7% from the field.

Addae-Wusu’s performance this season is a stark contrast to his first two years with the team, where he struggled to find his place on the court. However, this season, he has emerged as a reliable scorer and leader for the Red Storm. This season, he has shown remarkable progress since his freshman year with his scoring average increasing by 2.6 points per game, three-point shooting increasing by 9% and free throw percentage increasing by 7.5%.

This season, Addae-Wusu has taken his game to the next level. He has been a reliable scorer for the Red Storm, reaching double digits with points in 12 of the team’s games this season. He’s also been a force on the defensive end, averaging 1.6 steals per game.

What’s behind Addae-Wusu’s breakout performance this season? It’s a combination of factors. He has improved his shooting, particularly from three-point range with a 36.1% average this season. He’s also been more aggressive on the court, driving to the basket and drawing more fouls than in previous seasons.

In addition to his enhanced individual performance, Addae-Wusu has emerged as a key leader for the team, displaying vocal assertiveness on the court by motivating his teammates and igniting their energy during crucial moments of the game.

St. John’s head coach Mike Anderson has been impressed with Addae-Wusu’s growth as a player. “I don’t think he’s ever seen a shot he didn’t like,” Anderson said in a recent interview following a 92-83 double-overtime win against DePaul, where Addae-Wusu made a shot that helped lead the Red Storm to their victory.

“In that particular moment, he got the screen and he did a good job to knock it down,” Anderson added. “That’s a guy that’s been here and he’s been looking forward to having an opportunity.”

Addae-Wusu’s breakout season has helped St. John’s in its notable wins over UConn, Providence and Georgetown. With the Big East Tournament coming up soon, the Red Storm will look to continue their success behind the play of Addae-Wusu and the rest of the team.

This season, Dylan Addae-Wusu’s transformation on the court for St. John’s Red Storm has been nothing short of remarkable. As the team approaches the final stretch of the season, all eyes will be fixed on Addae-Wusu’s dynamic performance, as St. John’s aims to make a substantial impact in the Big East Tournament.