The Torch

Don’t be bored this spring break with these three New York activities

Crystal Grant, Staff Writer

February 22, 2017

In a city where we have world renowned museums like the MET and Museum of Natural History, smaller museums like the Neue Galerie tend to go unnoticed. But like they say, size doesn’t really matter because the Neue Gallery b...

Perfect fall scenic spots to visit now

Victoria Lohwasser, Staff Writer

October 5, 2016

Leaves are changing colors and all things pumpkin-spice are back. That means fall has arrived.There are so many great things to do in New York City for the fall season and just as many sites to see. Two perfect destinations w...

Thirdstory: NYC’s emerging artists

Morgan Mullings, Contributing Writer

October 5, 2016

Just a few months after opening for Tori Kelly on her U.S. tour, this YouTube sensation ended their own tour in their hometown. Ben Lusher, Richard Saunders and Elliott Skinner of Thirdstory just finished their first headlining t...

The Meadows leaves NYC disappointed

Jon Manarang, Staff Writer

October 5, 2016

With the success of Governors Ball over the past few years, Founders Entertainment tried to catch lightning in a bottle once again with The Meadows NYC. Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio initially denied permits for a m...

De Blasio’s mandate sparks change

Cheyanne Gonzales, General Manager

March 16, 2016

New York City is globally known for their support for the gay community and fighting for equal rights. On March 7, Mayor Bill de Blasio mandated that people have access to all public facilities that coincide with their gender...

Snow storms into East Coast, hits Queens hardest

Cheyanne Gonzales, General Manager

January 27, 2016

On Jan. 25, St. John’s University closed all of their New York Campuses due to  Winter Storm Jonas that hit New York City two days prior. Winter Storm Jonas coated the East Coast this past weekend, causing cities like New Yor...

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