9/11 Captured by SJU Photo Class

SOUTHAMPTON, Mass.-The images of Sept. 11, as seen thru the eyes of six St. John’s photojournalism students were on display last month at the “In Memory of Sept. 11: Six Students’ Journey to Healing.”

The exhibit, held from April 6 -30, at Robert Floyd Photo Gallery in Southampton, Mass., featured the work of students: Jasmine Augusto, Linda Calderon, Noreen Iqbal, Lisa Isolano and Leilei Phyu.

These students were enrolled in a photojournalism class in the fall, where they concentrated on photographing events related to the bombing of the World Trade Center.

Together the students and Prof. Robert Floyd took these images and put them on exhibit for others to view.

“They all worked [tremendously] hard on their photograghs and I am extremely proud of the [outcome],”said Floyd, who taught the class in the fall. Floyd has been a photographer for St. John’s for the past twelve years and has recently opened up his own gallery in Southhampton.

They had a total of 101 images on display. The images included photographs taken by the students of various memorials in New York. There were also black and white photographs that Floyd had taken the Sunday after the tragedy.

“Each photograph carried its own message and together it was an exceptionally powerful idea,” said Floyd.

The gallery hosted a reception for the students on April 28 from 1-5 p.m. The students, as well as the community were able to see the amount of work that had gone into the exhibit. The students were also invited to speak to the public on their experiences with the project.

Local newspapers had been covering the event and many people came to see what the students of St. John’s had put together.

“It was a wonderful exhibit,” said Leslie Macutkiewicz, a resident of Massachusettes. “The [idea] was very challenging but successfully done.”

“The visitors were extremely moved,” said Folyd. “The students were not only representing themselves but the entire community at St. John’s.”

The students also had written pieces of work to correspond to their images. The written work included what the student had felt while taking these pictures. “I’ve seen the class work individually but for it to come together as a whole here is extremely [forceful],” said Phyu. “They are really powerful images that are shown piece by piece on the wall.”

The students used these pictures to find closure as well as to help a small community in Massachusettes mourn. “People here needed some type of closure because they are so far removed from New York,” said Floyd. “To be able to come and see these images helps this community.”

“For me it was a sense of closure,” said Phyu, as she was addressing the crowd. It helped me get to where it happened and find some [peace],”