Ish Vitále: St. John’s’ next best artist

Brittani Wright, Contributing Writer

April 15, 2016 was definitely a milestone for St John’s junior, Ishmael Vidal, formerly known by his stage name, Ish Vitále. Not only did the east coast native hit 21 years of age, but he also released his latest song, “HER,” the second single released off his debut album “Vitality.”

He describes the album “Vitality,” as “all over the place”, which is a true definition of the word, with each song giving the listener a different kind of energy, yet the same overall message. The songs on this album, Vidal states, all have a diverse sound, giving his fans east coast vibes, down south sounds, and beats that may sound like they’re from Cash Money 2001.

No matter the sound you may be looking for, you can definitely vibe out to “Vitality,” with music ranging from Joey BadA$$ rap bars to club hits from the infamous French Montana.

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, Vidal can definitely say that his music has an array of influences. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of five and later moving to Savannah, Georgia at the age of 12, then to relocate to New York City at the age of 18, his music is clearly a true reflection of his east coast culture. Vidal gets his inspiration from many legends.

Growing up, he was initially a huge hip-hop fan, listening to mostly 90’s artists like Bad Boy, Rockefeller and his favorite artist, Jay-Z. Around age 14 when he began rapping with his first stage name “The Messenger,” his interest shifted more towards R&B, where his influencers became Chris Brown, Drake and his favorite singer Faith Evans.

With the advice from his uncle at a young age to, “be a good rapper,” Vidal uses his life experiences to make relatable music that will not only make people get up and dance, but also give a sense of hope to let his fans know that they are never alone. With great pride and belief in the music he puts out and soulful melodies, he aspires to leave a legacy in the music industry that stands for something and will truly be respected.

Like any college student, Vidal faces his own challenges when it comes to making a name for himself. Dealing with a rigorous academic workload, a job at everyone’s favorite retail store, H&M, and endless relationships that he must maintain, Vidal says that what keeps him afloat with his music is simply staying consistent, always writing, and staying in his own lane.

He often spends his free time going through beats, figuring out good lines in his head, and trying to create catchy and relatable songs without degrading or disrespecting anyone, which he says is definitely a challenge for him. Another challenge he seems to effortlessly overcome is producing his own music. As if being an independent artist isn’t challenging enough, Vidal simply expands his talents by producing his own beats for his projects.

Overall, the J.Cole look-alike is definitely someone to be on the lookout for. If you’d like to keep up with Ish Vitále and his latest music, you can follow his social media accounts (Twitter: @IshBLC & Instagram: @IshVitale) and check out his latest song, “HER”, on his SoundCloud account:  Ish Vitale.