Review: “Sherlock” Season Four

Rachel Johnson, Contributing Writer

Every episode of “Sherlock” has been full of tense storylines and plot twists, and the most recent season is no exception. On New Year’s day, season four ofSherlock,” a popular show on the BBC, premiered.

“Sherlock” is an adaptation of the classic Doyle tales set in modern-day London where ex-army doctor John Watson, played by Martin Freeman, meets consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and gets sucked into the crazy life of crime-solving.

(Warning!!! Spoilers ahead!!!) Episode one of season four opens to a group of government officials discussing with Sherlock what he’s planning for their latest threat, the apparent return of the late consulting criminal Jim Moriarty. The episode takes a turn, however, when Mary, John’s wife, comes under threat from her former assassin-for-hire group member.

It was devastating when the culprit behind the exposure of Mary’s assassin group years before shot Mary, killing her. John’s finally comfortable life came crashing down in seconds, which he blamed Sherlock for as Mary had jumped in front of Sherlock and taken the bullet for him. This severed the deep friendship between Sherlock and John.

This led into episode two which dealt with a heartbroken John and grieving Sherlock who had resorted to drugs. While in his horrendous state, Sherlock uncovers one of his biggest cases ever involving a serial killer- public figure Culverton Smith.

While high, Sherlock attempts to expose Smith which leads him to his death bed, literally. In a hospital room where Sherlock is recovering from a well-deserved beating from John, Smith reveals to Sherlock that he is in fact a serial killer. Smith begins suffocating Sherlock, which John stops just in time by barging in and catching Smith.

We find out at the end that the late Mary had ordered Sherlock to “save John Watson,” which Sherlock attempted to do by throwing himself into drug use, and succeeded in doing so by forcing John to save him from Smith.

The most intense episode, however, was the finale, which revealed that Sherlock and his brother, Mycroft, have a secret sister. The episode had fans on the edge of their seats as Sherlock attempted to remember the sister he had forgotten, while at the same time their sister, Euros, executed her plan to test and torture her brothers.

Sherlock, John and Mycroft were pushed mentally and emotionally in these tests, and the stakes were high for the characters. Ultimately, the season ended happily with Euros back in her cell, everyone alive and Sherlock and John, and his daughter Rosie, back in 221 Baker Street.

This season was very emotional for “Sherlock” fans, not only because of the intense storyline and jaw-dropping plot twists, but also because this is possibly the last season of the show. Although the writers have not confirmed either way, it seems as though this is the end of “Sherlock,” especially with the final episode concluding with no loose ends.

The main theory why this may be the end of the show, which so many fans have loved for years, is that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are becoming too big of stars. When the show started they were barely known, but recently they have become two of the biggest actors in Hollywood. It is doubtful the writers would be able to pull the actors away from their full schedules to film another season.

Could this be the end of our Baker Street boys? Only time will tell but, as a long-time fan, I can say that if it has to end here, they did a brilliant job of wrapping it up.