Another year, another Spring Activities Fair

Alexis Gaskin, Contributing Writer

Several hundred students made their way to Taffner Field House on Monday, Jan. 30 to participate in the Spring Activities Fair.

Numerous clubs and activities were in attendance at the fair, including Greek life, like EXB and Delta Phi Epsilon.

Other clubs in attendance were The Chappell Players theatre group, WREDtv and Resident Students Association.

Students were able to visit the activities fair from 12 to 3 p.m., most students went during common hour.

Freshman Anoosha Hamid was ecstatic that the activities fair was available during common hour.

With crowds of students coming in waves, Taffner was packed with sounds of chatter among the excited students looking for a new way to get involved at St. John’s University.

“I didn’t want to miss out on signing up for information on Women on Wall Street and getting more information about sorority life,” Hamid said.

There were organizations and clubs present that allow students to take in the diversity on campus. Some clubs included Feminists Unite and Spectrum, both of which bring a sense of a safe space for students on campus, no matter the gender or sexual orientation.

Sophomore Roderick Jackson was enthusiastic about the number of unique clubs in attendance at this semester’s Spring Activities Fair.

When asked about his favorite part of it all, Roderick said, “It allows several organizations and clubs an opportunity to come together and give people information about their particular club or organization, [it also] allows these individuals to promote and brand their organization.”

Roderick is a member of both Voices of Victory and Resident Students Association, exemplifying that students can join several clubs, without being restricted to just one organization.

Another organization that was represented at the fair was Campus Recreation, where students could pick up a copy of the group workout classes like yoga or pilates, as well as information on their personal trainers.

With smiling faces and new connections flourishing between students and organizations, the Spring Activities Fair went off without a hitch, allowing students to talk to clubs that they may not have been interested in before, and seeing the mass variety that the University has to offer.