PLUG Ticket Sweeps SGI Elections

Tazi Becomes SGI’s Second Female Black President


Nick Bello, Social Media Manager

Student Government Inc.’s executive board elections came to a close Friday afternoon with the PLUG ticket coming out on top with a sweep. History was made as junior Atem Tazi became the second black female president in SGI history. 

PLUG, which stands for personality, legacy, unity and growth, was led by Tazi who beat out Roderick Jackson 1314 votes to 929.

“I feel honored and humbled,” Tazi said following the announcement. “It’s been a year-long process and just to be here is so fulfilling.” 

Jackson, from the SEED ticket, declined to comment on the election results. 

Tazi will be accompanied by junior Christopher Stevens, who will serve as vice president after defeating current secretary Alissa Santolo 1283 votes to 950 votes.

Stevens said the first thing he wants to accomplish in office is revamping the organization committees. 

“The committees are what make up SGI,” Stevens said. “Putting the right people in place to put them in a position to be successful and then overseeing them and holding them accountable is definitely my first initiative.” 

Tazi said she is excited to work with the same people she started her journey with. Over the past few months, the candidates on the PLUG ticket have formed a family-like relationship, she said. 

“We’re really just one big family,” Tazi said. “We have so many plans.” 

One plan that PLUG wants to implement is a way for students to use meal points at off campus restaurants. The architect of this plan is Henry Stitzel, who will serve as treasurer after defeating Torrent Cannon 1318 votes to 925 votes. 

“I’m excited,” Stitzel said. “We have a lot of good plans and now it’s time to really act.” 

Clare Soria will take over as secretary after she defeated Stefanie Bassaragh 1309 votes to 934 votes. Soria was overcome with happiness after the results were announced.

“I’m elated,” Soria laughed. “We’ve really become such a tight knit group.” 

PLUG took all three senate seats as well. These positions represent the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. 

Noel Bell won the senior senator race over Anthony Romeo by 122 votes. Johnny Wiley defeated Kristen Labruna 1066 votes to 721 votes in the race for junior senator, and Amel Viaud won the sophomore senator race after she defeated Carley Germain and Hannah Sesay. She received 813 votes.

“I’m very proud of both tickets this year,” Frank Obermeyer, the now-former president of SGI, said. “I respect the work that these students put in and I can’t wait to see what the PLUG ticket will do once in office.”