Flames of The Torch: Is there anything we won’t do?

We’re not sure what to make of the latest attempt by the University to increase its profile. In case you missed our cover, a student in a Johnny Thunderbird is going to rappel down a 34-story building on the “Today Show” on NBC.

Having John Starks visit campus for Dribble for the Cure is one thing. Steve Lavin speaking on CBS during March Madness is equally harmless. But once we get to the point where we’re asking a student to essentially jump off a building to put our school on national TV, we have to start asking how far is too far.

The stunt is for cancer research, so we can’t say the University is simply out for its own gain. However, the decision to have an untrained student jumping down a building is questionable. Why not hire a professional?

What is the school’s liability in this stunt? Wolfrom was not asked to sign a waiver by the school. It’s unclear whether his contract will cover liability from such activity, though it’s doubtful that, when signing the contract, Wolfrom knew he was accepting responsibility for such an activity.

Of course, we’re sure he will be safe. There’s a very slim chance that something will go wrong.

But we still have to question the thought process behind the decision to put one of its students hundreds of feet above the ground, in a mascot suit no less. There has to be a better way to get the University’s name out.