Obama’s visit to India

Abhishek Joshi, Staff Writer

Last week, US President Barack Obama was on a tour to New Delhi, the capital city of India. This has given the country a great window for expansion for ideas that will help develop the strengths and ties with the Indian subcontinent. President Obama attended the US-India business summit and spoke about how the two countries could help each other grow economically.

When I first saw the Indian Prime Minister’s tweet inviting President Obama to India, I was hoping that he would say yes to it. And when Barack Obama’s office replied to the tweet with a positive reply, I knew that the event was going to be a historic one. To begin with, it is the first time that any US President has visited India twice in his tenure.

Although this time, Obama did not travel much across the country like he did during his previous visit back in 2012, it was his first visit to the new Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and it is believed that Obama has hit off a better rapport with him than he did with the previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The primary reason is that the new Prime Minister has different political ideologies as compared to the previous one. Furthermore, it is evident that the two leaders talked about various subjects of confidentiality that are meant to be under wraps. But in the end, it’s in the best interest for the two nations to work together.

I strongly believe that if the two nations work together in harmony, there will be several benefits that can be made and this will further progress world peace and co-operation. The United States of America has made key investments in the SAARC (South Asian Association For Regional Cooperation).

The secondary goal of his visit is to also tell the world that the two nations have a decent relationship with each other and are trying their best to keep up with all the terms and agreements that are signed between the two nations. All I can hope for is that the two nations live with each other in the synchronization practically the same way they have asked of their respective citizens.