An Ode to the Ones Before Us, After Us, and Presently Us

Beatriz da Costa, Staff Writer

1920 was a significant year for women,

The start of our fight towards equality,

At first, we did not have a voice, but thanks to a young woman who had a vision,

Susan B. Anthony’s role in Women’s Suffrage became an actuality and not a frivolity.



Although it divides many today, the decision of 1973,

Is it not amazing that women can choose what to do with their bodies?

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, Roe v. Wade allowed room for conversation,

A woman’s body is her own and not the nation’s.



Winding back to the early years of the 1900s, specifically 1917,

The year America acknowledged women had the right to fight for their country,

33,000 willingly joined the traumatizing scene,

Whether they were nurses in combat or behind the scenes, they proudly fought in the military.



In the 21st century, specifically from 2015 and on,

Women have faced great disappointment but great triumphs as well,

Many have banded together against ill-mannered comments they have undergone,

Saying goodbye to the first potential female president was not ideal.



The Women’s March of 2017 spoke volumes,

And I am proud to have gone,

In the face of adversity, even with disagreements among ourselves,

Together, women must stand strong,



Despite the differences that separate us, but should not,

I hope all women,

Of all races, all ethnicities, and all sexual orientations,

Realize we are stronger together than apart.