Flames of the Torch: On The Devastating Woolsey Fires in California

The Torch Staff

As a nation, we are always subject to go through dark times. However, it is on us to decide the best way we should respond and react to these hard times. Within the last few weeks of November, we have seen California battle record-breaking wildfires. The Woolsey Fire has been described as California’s deadliest wildfire to date. The state has seen cities evacuated, homes destroyed and lives lost.

Yet, despite all the destruction it has caused and the lives it has affected — including those of our fellow Johnnies — California residents have united to help one another. Being able to put aside their differences to bring their neighbors basic necessities like food and water in light of the wildfires is admirable, and a trait we at the Torch value. In light of the midterm elections, a time when political tensions are high in the nation, it is reassuring to see that people from all over the country are empathizing with the tragedy of the west coast blaze. Firefighters are being brought in from a number of states, such as Texas, Montana and Washington, and other states recently sent reinforcement fleets to provide relief efforts.  

Apart from being brave, these firefighters are also incredibly selfless. They’re running towards fire and leaving behind, quality time with their family members and loved ones this Thanksgiving in order to save the lives and homes of those in the path of the Woolsey Fire. We can’t imagine the sacrifice this must be and we encourage our readers, just as we encourage our staff here, to be grateful for the life we have.

As the citizens of California rally around each other in these difficult times, we at the Torch are reminded of a theme that we feel is the most ideal for our nation: Unity. Togetherness. We are the strongest when we work with, and not against, each other. We noticed this theme in Destinee Scott’s column, “The Wave of Women” (pg.7). Women and other supporters of equality across the nation have stood together with determination, and a fire in their hearts that has long since glared injustice in the face. They are achieving their goals because they choose to stand side by side, rather than apart. Just as the people of California are doing, and just as the staff at the Torch hopes to do within the St. John’s community through its writing.