Home of the Waffle Fries or Home of the Cajun Fries?


Coming from California, we don’t have a lot of Popeyes’ restaurants. Over the summer I was in Virginia spending a few weeks with my uncle and during my visit, I went to Popeyes for the first time. I ordered a chicken sandwich there, succumbing to all of the social media-driven hype, and to my disappointment, they were sold out. I tried my first Popeyes’ chicken sandwich this past week and I think that it is worth some of the hype. However, I did have the sandwich a second time and also conducted a taste-test determining whether the spicy or regular chicken sandwich is better and frankly I didn’t taste a difference. I was a little let down that the only difference is the mayo, as I believe one uses chipotle mayo while the other uses ordinary mayo. I assumed that they would season the chicken differently to add the spice and using the mayo to add the spiciness just seems like a shortcut. If Popeyes’ is attempting to be the number one chicken sandwich on the market than I think they should consider putting a little more effort into their sandwiches than just altering the sauce. With Popeye’s being just about the sole chain promoting southern cuisine, I was shocked to find out that the variation in spiciness resided in the sauce rather than in the chicken. I think the sandwich does Louisiana cuisine a disservice.

Chick-Fil-A still holds the throne and still remains the supreme ruler of the chicken sandwich empire in my book. I think that word needs to be spread that Chick-Fil-A is and always will be the superior sandwich. Once the word has spread than people will stop going to Popeye’s to try the inferior sandwich. If enough people compare the two, they will find out for themselves that there is no reason for someone to kill another for a sandwich. 

Popeyes’ should consider discontinuing the chicken sandwich altogether to eliminate any further violence and admit to the defeat within the chicken sandwich wars and admit to Chick-Fil-A’s victory. But honestly, there were most likely other factors going on that day of the stabbing to the stabber which led to him doing what he did. I’m sure it was somewhat of a “last straw,” because I’d like to have some faith in humanity and believe that someone would just automatically stab someone for something like cutting in line, but then again who knows. Humanity has let me down before. CNN also went on the record saying that the Popeyes’ chicken sandwich tastes like 2020…  Now, I’m not sure where CNN is going with this or what their angle was, considering one cannot taste a year. This is just CNN’s way of attempting to feel somehow involved in this misinformation: that the chicken sandwiches from Popeyes’ are somehow better than the restaurant known for perfecting the chicken sandwich.