Flames of the Torch: Black History Month and the Fashion Digest

We’re officially halfway through February, the shortest month of the year, but that fact by no means indicates that there’s any shortage of phenomenal pieces featured in this issue. This week, trailing the excitement of the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day activities, our writers offer a rich and eclectic selection of stories to round off the third week of the month.

The St. John’s Men’s Basketball team has been on a winning streak that has both shocked and excited fans of the Red Storm. Assistant Photo Editor Sara Kiernan highlighted the Johnnies’ victory against the Villanova Wildcats, a win that gained the Red Storm recognition across social media platforms and put March Madness right in their reach.

This issue we featured the “Fashion Digest,” a revamping of a column within our Features section that talks about all things fashion. This week, it included updates on fashion trends that emerged in response to the pandemic and also looks at the way once flashy courtside apparel has shifted for teams within the NCAA.

Many of our writers have also highlighted those in communities of color, particularly the Black community, in honor of Black History Month. They offer viewpoints from a wide spectrum of fields concerning people of color, from a rise in the number of Black women in professional sports and studies of how COVID-19 has affected these communities to a look at the growth of diversity in and a commentary on Corporate America’s actions during this month following the ongoing social movement that experienced catalyzation last year.

From think pieces and book reviews to presidential updates and an eye on Black History Month, there’s no shortage of excitement or variety in this issue. As February quickly comes to a close and the spring semester continues on, we strive to provide the St. John’s community with something that may bring its members some sense of normalcy: an outlet for your voices to be heard!