Angel Hase releases ‘Echelon’

Angel Haze dishes out a typical party video for her latest video “Echelon (It’s My Way).” The 22-year-old rapper caught the attention of big names in the Hip-Hop community and broke into the mainstream. The New Yorker has taken center stage as the leading female rapper, on the scene at the
moment, besides Nicki Minaj.

She’s been seen on BET’s “The Cypher,” a high accomplishment for an underground rapper and has been featured on the “Freshman Class of 2013” cover for XXL Magazine. Angel’s intensity and ear for dope beats has gotten her far away from her humble beginnings in Brooklyn.

In the “Echelon” video, Haze spits lyrics while there are roaring motorcycles, four-wheelers and a trailer park party in the background. There’s nothing really special about the video, however.

Haze raps, throws money in the air and has girls shaking their behinds in the camera. As skilled as she is as a rapper, her creative vision fell completely flat for this video.

The high-synth infused beat bounces perfectly with her fast-paced lyrics, but the mockery of the video overpowered the lyrics of the track.

The song itself is Haze boasting about her fast cars, stacks of money, her lack of care for other’s opinions, and how she wore the best fashions first (background vocals sing “I was wearing it first”).  Sadly, her song and video sounds and looks like just the rest that’s currently out there.

Hopefully this lack of creativity doesn’t reflect her upcoming debut album Dirty Gold (drop date has yet
to be released).