Google Announces New Streaming Platform

Stadia sparks conversation about a console agnostic world in gaming


Photo Courtesy/ Youtube GameSpot Trailers

Google launched its newest product, “Stadia,” a streaming platform without a console.

Anthony Villacreses, Contributing Writer

On Tuesday March 19, Google announced a new product at the Gamers Developers Conference, “Stadia,” that would compete closely with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Their recent approach to entering the gaming market is to allow gamers to be able to seamlessly switch between a smartphone, tablet, computer and television screen with just a remote controller — no console needed.

Google Stadia is a streaming platform that provides many of the qualities that are important to consumers — the feeling of being connected to other players and having an enjoyable gaming experience.

When I watched Google’s presentation of Stadia, I can say that I was very psyched to see Google’s push for this “console agnostic” future in the world of gaming. Seeing “Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey” maintain the graphics and frame rates across different devices so fluidly and intuitively only made me excited as a consumer to finally see such a product close to being released to the public.

The talks of pushing for cloud gaming has been a topic for some time now in the gaming community, especially with Microsoft said to be developing their own gaming cloud service, “XCloud.”

However, it is one thing to hear of such projects being a work-in-progress and another thing to see a functioning game streaming service.

What is also fascinating about this “Netflix-like” streaming of games is that Stadia will allow gamers to have instant access to games that come out by allowing a “play” feature on YouTube to instantly enter the gaming experience.

Gamers will no longer have to wait for a game to finish downloading –– in comparison to consoles –– which only makes playing more enjoyable and convenient. This is a major asset for the future of gaming, given that games will only get more graphically intensive and will need the performance to deliver high-quality games which Stadia can provide, while consoles, not so much.

There is a lot to enjoy with what Google is introducing in the gaming market and time will tell just how immersed this new mode of gaming will become.

Though the pricing of Stadia wasn’t mentioned, that there is no longer a console purchase necessary, the price can be expected to be lower than previously seen for higher-end consoles.

A console agnostic future is in our midst, and I think that this can certainly be a step in the right direction for the

future of gaming.