2016’s most popular Halloween costumes

Yves Nguyen, Contributing Writer

Of course you can expect the usual sexy cat, witch or wizard walking around on Halloween, but according to Party City sales and Devin Rubink of HalloweenCostumes.com, expect some Pokemon, politicians and supervillains.

With the presidential election just around the corner, political costumes will flood the streets.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump costumes are inevitable and the odd Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz costume should be abound.

If you are a more creative couple, you could be Bill Clinton and his balloons or Donald Trump holding a cat.

Politicians are not the only popular thing this year. Pokemon saw a resurgence with Pokemon Go, so the streets should be teeming with Pikachu’s, Squirtles and trainers of all varieties on Halloween.

The DC Universe also got a boost this year from “Suicide Squad” and “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

There will be an abundance of superheroes and supervillains from all over the DCU this Halloween, however the “Suicide Squad” version of Harley Quinn is expected to be one of the most popular costumes this year, alongside the newest revival of the Joker.

Marvel, of course, also has its fair share of 2016 movies that prompt a costume or two.

We can expect more Deadpool’s than usual this year.

Snapchat came out with even more filters this year, so you will be seeing more of those as well. You should be ready for butterfly faces and rainbow mouths because sometimes makeup is a little easier than a full costume.

Snapchat provides a variety of filters, so there is something for everyone whether your goal is to be hot or scary.

You will be seeing something not everyone wants to see this Halloween, since clown costumes will be more popular than ever.

This year, people from all over the U.S. reported seeing creepy clowns lurking and holding weapons, so of course, people will be dressing up as clowns to add to the hysteria.

Halloween is a time to dress up as anything and everything, so regardless of popularity, have fun this year and be what you want to be.