Ideas for the Ultimate Weekend Trip


Tired of staring at your dorm walls all weekend? Then get away for the weekend and go on a trip. I know what you’re thinking: I’m a broke college student, how can I take a weekend trip? There are trips for everyone’s budget. Even though you might already be day-dreaming of Thanksgiving turkey or listening to John Legend’s Christmas album, this semester isn’t quite over yet.While I can’t promise taking weekend trips will make the semester go by faster, I can promise you will have some fun. 

Train to … anywhere! 

Sleepy Hollow: Take the F train to 42-Bryant Park and walk to Grand Central Terminal to take the Metro-North Hudson Line train to Tarrytown. 

Sleepy Hollow is a fictional city based on Washington Irving’s tale of a headless horseman who terrorized the city. The fictional city became even more popular through the 1999 film Sleepy Hollow. The events in the movie take place near and around Tarrytown, NY While here, your love for anything scary can take flight with a visit to Horseman’s Hollow or even a haunted cemetery tour. A round trip ticket on the North Hudson Line is only $30. 

Hoboken: Take the F train to 23 St., then transfer to the PATH train toward Hoboken, ride for 4 stops until you reach the Hoboken station. 

See the skyline of New York like never before with a trip to Hoboken, NJ. Stay the day or even the night! You can visit Carlo’s Bake Shop, the Hoboken Waterfront Walkway or even a Pyramid escape room. PATH fare is the same as metro so you could be spending as little as $11 round trip! PATH tickets can be purchased at the 23 St. Station before your transfer. With the small travel fee, you will have money leftover for more exploring in Hoboken! 

Boston: Take the F train 34 St.-Herald Sq. Walk to Penn Station and board the Amtrak Acela Express toward Boston South station. Get off at Back Bay station and transfer to the T-Orange line to State station. 

A historical city more your thing? Then Boston is just the right place to spend the weekend. Visit the Bunker Hill Monument to see the best view of Boston. Ride the Swan Boat through the Public Garden Lagoon (only $2.75!). Visit historic downtown to fulfill your American History dreams, the Boston Harbor or even the Museum of Fine Arts. There are lots of things to see in Boston that are free, or mostly free. So all you need to do is find your way there and a place to stay. Gather some friends together and split the hotel or airbnb cost! Tickets on the Amtrak can vary between $50-70 one way. This trip may take a little saving, but it is worth it!

Hershey Park: Drive on I-78W to Hershey, PA. 

Now if you have a little more time, gas money and, well, a car, this trip is for you. Hershey Park is an amusement park located in Hershey, PA. Tickets cost $41.95 for a one day pass or $28.88 two day pass (per day). Your ticket gets you access to all the rides, the waterpark and the zoo! If amusement parks aren’t really your thing, and chocolate is, you can visit Hershey’s Chocolate World! Admission is free, however some attractions in the facility cost money. 

One subway away!

Coney Island: Take the F train all the way to Coney Island! 

Coney Island is a super cheap and fun way to spend your weekend. You can walk the boardwalk or even dip your toes in the sand. Coney Island is also home to the famous Coney Dog at Nathon’s Famous! If you like roller coasters then this is definitely a good place for you. Coney Island has new roller coasters, but is also home to the Cyclone which has been around since 1927! This trip is easy, affordable and has fun for everyone. 


If you just want to get out of Queens for the day, Manhattan has so many places to spend your day or weekend. The food scene is extensive, you can shop for hours or you could even see a Broadway show! If the weather is nice, there are several places to visit like the High Line which offers gorgeous views of the city and outdoor art. Chelsea market which is home to cute boutiques and good food. The Ellis Island Ferry, located downtown, for a great view of Lady Liberty and the skyline. Tickets for the Ferry are $18. Lastly, Central Park. Ride a boat on the lake, sit out on the great lawn or even walk to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All of these locations can be reached by subway.

Going away for a couple of days can help you destress from the previous week, give you time away from campus and an opportunity to spend time with your friends! Taking any one of these trips will be a fun and memorable experience. Plus, these trips will surely make the next 33 days fly by!