SGI Hold First Floor Meeting

Student Government Inc. held their first floor meeting of the year on Monday in the D’Angelo Center.

In addition to budgetary concerns, representatives reviewed changes made to the University for this semester.

SGI presented their budget for the fall semester at $24,500.

A balance of approximately one-thousand dollars remains in a money market account managed by SGI along with close to a

quarter-million dollar balance in a checking account.

Major points of review included the final exam schedule, classroom temperature and the lack of common hour.

Final exams are currently scheduled on the last day of classes, which could result in more than two exams on one day for some students.

According to the University’s student handbook, no student may be required to take more than two in a single day.

Complaints about common hour were brought up multiple times. The conflict with scheduling meetings on one day was highlighted as a strain for organization’s executive boards and members alike.

Other complaints included the change in dining hall hours. According to SGI advisor, Darren M. Morton, associate vice president for Student Affairs, the dining hours were changed in part to have students use the D ‘Angelo Center more at night.

The university will decide by the end of 2010, what to do with the closed 2nd floor of St. Augustine Hall.

Each committee also gave their own reports.

Elections Committee Reported that Freshman Elections will take place on October 6 and 7, and that Applications are due by

September 20 at noon.

There will also be an Elections BBQ, where students can meet representatives from SGI on Thursday 16th from 3 pm -6 pm. SGI will be promoting the freshman elections during this event as well.



The SGI meeting on Monday, September 13, was actually the second SGI meeting of the year, not the first as this article originally reported.

SGI’s estimated budget is $1,118,000.00, not $24,500.

The meeting also discussed the topic of the final exam schedule.