Final SGI Meeting Held With New E-Board

Obermeyer gives final President’s report to students


Alexis Gaskin, Staff Writer

The final SGI meeting of the year was held on Monday April 23, featuring final reports from the 2017-2018 eboard, a recap of Relay for Life and final events taking place on campus.

Graduatin senior Frank Obermeyer gave his final President’s report to the general body, congratulating everyone on a successful year and wishing the 2018-2019 e-board good luck before he handed the gavel and meeting over to President-Elect Atemkeng Tazi. Obermeyer also congratulated the Relay for Life committee for surpassing their goal of $150,000.

Continuing with the Officer reports, Treasurer-Elect Henry Stitzel went through the end of the year budget, highlighting leftover funds for the representatives for programming and the funds allocated for the Spring Concert, which will be held on Thursday, April 26.

This number consists of funds received from SGI, Haraya and Campus Activities. Among the last few events of the year is the Freshman Representative-led Basketball Tournament. It will be held this Sunday at 3:00 pm on the residential strip. This event is for freshmen only and the cost to play is a donation of canned goods, toiletries or other non-perishables.

Tazi also discussed the upcoming private Awards Banquet being held for SGI members next Monday at 5:00 pm in the DAC Ballroom.

Within the committees, there were reports from the Budget Committee, School Spirit and Student Services Committee.

The Budget Committee approved expenses for upcoming events on campus including an event for Gamma Kappa Alpha.

The School Spirit Committee highlighted upcoming games and activities being held at the games, including free T-shirts at the men’s Lacrosse game against Georgetown.

Student Services discussed the pushback of construction to the lobby of the library until the summer of 2019.

In terms of “old business,” the Sustainability committee amendment attachment to the constitution was voted on.

This amendment would recognize the Sustainability committee as an official standing committee within SGI.

The Sustainability committee is officially recognized as a standing committee by SGI after a unanimous vote by the members present.

A St. John’s student informed Tazi of posters featuring a St. John’s alumnus reading a Black power book.

The word “Black” was scratched and crossed out from several posters in the corridor of St. John Hall.

After much discussion from the members, it has not yet been decided as to if SGI will report this incident to Public Safety.

The meeting concluded with the reminder that Spring Concert tickets can be purchased at the Campus Concierge desk for St. John’s and non-St. John’s students.