Residence Life Update: Resident Students Will Be Able to Collect Their Belongings In June


Resident students are expected to be able to return to campus housing to collect their belongings beginning on or around June 1, according to an internal communication from the Office of Residence Life sent to students on May 15. 

According to the email, move-out options will vary depending on the student’s permanent residence. Students residing within 300 miles of the Queens campus will be required to engage in self move-out. Those living beyond 300 miles will have the option of either engaging in self move-out or authorizing St. John’s to work with a professional moving company to pack and store or ship their belongings. The number of boxes that can be shipped with this option is limited, according to the email. Students cannot choose both options, regardless of their permanent residence. 

The process of retrieving belongings from dorm rooms will be by appointment and social distancing practices will be enforced. Those coming onto campus will be required to bring their own gloves and masks and wear them for the entirety of their time on campus. 

“We will space out appointments and practice social distancing of 6 feet or more while you are on campus and minimize direct contact with University personnel,” the email detailed.  

Students can bring one friend or family member to campus with them to help them move out. 

The expected start date of June 1 is subject to change depending on public health conditions, but students can expect confirmation of their appointment at least five to seven days beforehand. Students will be able to select their move-out date and time. 

Those students who resided in the Seton Hall Complex and the DePaul Townhouses – whose belongings were removed by Residence Life on Mar. 25 as the building was identified as a potential location to support the city’s efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak – will also be able to reacquire their belongings. The items that were stored off-site will be returned to campus for pickup. These students will come to campus by appointment and retrieve these belongings, and will also be able to sort through any items in common areas shared between roommates. 

According to the email any international students who are currently in the country and are planning on continuing their studies at St. John’s in the fall should select the pack and store option for their belongings. Those international students who are not continuing at St. John’s in the fall or are out of the country will work with the University to determine the best option for them. 

All students who lived on the Queens Campus are required to fill out a COVID-19 Check-Out survey from the Office of Residence Life by Monday, May 18 in order to determine when and how they will be acquiring their belongings. 


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