Enterovirus: Deadlier Than Ebola

Five suffer from fatal disease

With the news currently focusing on Ebola, another deadly disease is on the rise.

Enterovirus, specifically the D68 strain, is making its way across the United States; according to latest data from the Center for Disease Control, 780 people are currently infected with this virus and five children in the past few months have lost their lives as a result. This virus is more common in America than Ebola and needs to receive more media attention so that the public is more informed about it.

Students at St. John’s should become aware of the symptoms and signs of this virus, considering children and teenagers are at the greatest risk of getting infected.

This strain’s symptoms are similar to a common cold and most people would not be able to distinguish between the two until the symptoms progress and hospitalization is required. This particular strain of Enterovirus is extremely rare and doctors are still unaware as to how it has managed to infect so many people this year.

Freshman Kerry Werkheiser said that she has never heard of this disease before and thought that the biggest health concern lately is Ebola.

This is cause for concern considering Enterovirus is coming closer and closer to campus every day. According to CBS, a student from Bound Brook New Jersey, less than 50 miles from campus, has been diagnosed with Enterovirus. According to the NY Post another child from Southampton, 80 miles from campus, has also been diagnosed with Enterovirus.

If this virus continues to be ignored, the results will be deadly. Without proper prevention the virus will continue to spread and will eventually infect all 50 states and claim the lives of many people. If we continue to wait for new drugs and treatments then countless people will suffer and the number of deaths will continue to increase.

Enterovirus needs to be publicized and talked about, especially on the news because according to the American Press Institute at least 87 percent of Americans get their information from the news. With most news stations focusing on Ebola, many Americans are unaware of other viruses that they can contract.